What is BecoChain?

Becochain is an open source project implementing a new, high performance, scaleable and easy to develop blockchain with low system requirements and transaction fee. The BECO team maintains the open source project.

Why BecoChain?

It is possible for a centralized database to process millions transactions per seconds using a distributed database. So why not implement it for Blockchain. At BecoChain, we are demonstrating that these same algorithms apply just as well to blockchain. This is a way to find a state to process transactions on a sharding blockchain network.

What is a BecoChain Sharing?

Sharding is a method for distributing data across multiple machines. BecoChain uses sharding to process with very large data sets and high throughput operations. A shard is a set of owned machines working together to verify the output of untrusted. BecoChain uses the share key to distribute data across shares. The share key is the account address in the transaction.